Current Openings

Research Area: Blast Protection of Structural Systems

Now recruiting PhD candidates for Fall 2019 start date.

Prospective Students

Graduate: Students with a background in civil/structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and materials science interested in obtaining their M.S. or Ph.D. in the group should contact me to discuss potential research opportunities. Please send your CV, and attach a description why the Infrastructure Protection Research Group is a good fit for you and why you are motivated to pursue graduate studies. Contacting me does not a guarantee you will be admitted. Graduate applications should be submitted to the Structural Engineering and Material Groups graduate program through the Virginia Tech Graduate School. Indicate that you are interested in working with Eric Jacques. More information regarding the application process and program requirements can be found on the Prospective Graduate Students Page and on the Frequently Asked Questions. Note that teaching and research assistantships are limited and competitively awarded. All prospective students are encouraged to supplement their graduate studies by applying for the fellowship opportunities described below.

Graduate students who are currently enrolled at Virginia Tech in the SEM program are invited to schedule appointments to discuss possible PhD/MS projects. Students interested in working in the Infrastructure Protection Research Group are strongly recommended to take the Blast Analysis and Protective Design course (CEE5984) during the Spring semester.

Undergraduate: Feel free to send me an email or stop by my office to discuss potential undergraduate research opportunities.

Scholarship Opportunities

The following are competitive external fellowship opportunities available to prospective students that I encourage all qualified candidates apply for. I can provide guidance on research proposals and assist with review of of application materials, but do contact me well in advance of the application deadline to discuss whether your qualifications are suitable for a position in the group. Note that some have citizenship or permanent residency requirements.

Scholarship Agency Eligibility Annual Closing†
Graduate Research Fellowship Program NSF MS, PhD October
National Defense Science & Engineering Fellowship NDSEG PhD December
Fulbright Program for Foreign Students Fulbright MS, PhD Check website
IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program, Improved understanding of composite material properties, with the aim of increased blast resistance Oak Ridge Post-doc March

† – Be sure to visit funding agency for fellowship details and deadlines.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars whose research interests and expertise coincides with current research projects are encouraged to contact me several months ahead of their proposed arrival date. In particular, experience in the following areas is considered advantageous: (i) high strain rate material and structural response; (ii) large-scale experimental blast testing (arena tests, shock tube, etc.); (iii) novel structural configurations for energy dissipation, and; (iv) fluid-structure computational mechanics.

It is expected that visiting scholars provide their own external support from research or study grants from a foundation, university, or other agency. International scholars should provide evidence of sufficient communication skills and financial support to apply for a J-1 visa in accordance with the requirements of Virginia Tech’s International Support Services. Interested scholars are encouraged to contact me by email to discuss appointment opportunities and also review the details of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.